Chrome Remote Desktop: Remote Desktop from your Android

Google has deployed a new application: Chrome Remote Desktop. This application provides access to your remote desktop (Mac, Windows, Chromebook, etc.) from your Android.

You’ll be able to access other computers or allow a user to access yours safely over the Internet. This is the promise of Google. The first step is to install the plugin on your Chrome browser. Once the application added a new tab opens and the icon for the Chrome Remote Desktop App is displayed in the “Applications” section of the page. If you use a Chrome device, the application is in the list of applications. You need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop app, the link is in the block following.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Inc.


4G or WiFi connection is recommended, however it works in H +. You may also experience connection failures, this may be related to firewall or NAT-T rules. If your PC is running Windows, you should even be able to hear sound from the computer.