connected watches: LG he has his chance against Motorola?

LG did he not seek to be Caliph instead of the Caliph? While Motorola is preparing – for a long time – to market the Moto 360 and its famous circular screen, the manufacturer will eventually be overtaken by its Korean counterpart. LG has now unveiled the G Watch R, which will also adopt a round screen (plastic), while making the look more like a jewel, which will surely delight many consumers.

LG has understood, war is declared watches, but it will not be easy to win. This was why the builder was quick to launch two sizes of watches. He can meet the various requirements of the users, everyone does not necessarily wanting a device that looks like the Moto 360, but much anyway! Reader feedback during our various tests are there to prove it: the taste is a little exact science. This LG offensive is also part of the new guideline of offering multiple variants of its aircraft. This was the case with the LG G3, this will be the case with the G Watch.

It must be said that Motorola has put the cart before the horse, and we are still waiting for the commercialization of Moto 360. It was however the first Android Wear watch has been announced, but no date marketing has yet filtered. With this delay, Motorola leaves the door open to a market that may be promising: those who want a connected watch, yes, but a round. LG would place in a race pole where the snail’s pace impregnated by the major favorite might scare away less patient. Pity.

Allow time … to competition

One of the most credible assumptions about the delay displayed by the Moto 360 is a will to Google, aware of the strength of the product, not to jeopardize the chances of outsiders. With 360 Moto too quickly launched on the market, the LG watch or Samsung might fail to sell when demand is already low in this area, although it is increasing. All the other manufacturers, as is the case of Asus are preparing to unveil their own products (from Asus, the ZenWatch).

This strategy, if it really exists, could be the cleverest. Moto 360 already has a significant will certainly boosted by the relative disappointments are the G Watch and Gear Live. Expected as the real jewel of Android Wear, its reputation is built just like waiting around the product, and it is also thanks / because of us, the media.

Admittedly we left open the LG G Watch R is not really fantasize. y For a P-OLED screen certainly, but plastic and general construction anyway entirely of plastic. In short, an Ice Watch on Android Wear, in fact. But more expensive too. LG could sell this watch to nearly 300 euros, and this is the first round screen. At that price, the Moto 360 will still pay the luxury to keep its leadership in the spirits, it is expected all dressed in metal.

There is no point running?

If Motorola flickering, but is not afraid to fall, the firm would still have interest to speed up, at the risk of scuttling alone. We have already seen the example of products, announced well in advance of their formalization, and sometimes suffer from public eagerly. We obviously remembers OnePlus, touting its smartphone early in the year, and will offer a trickle then. The backlash will then not expect, despite the good performance of the terminal. If the context and the market are not the same, we must at least ensure that competition does not play two shots while the favorite has not moved his first pawn.

In the end, this story reminds us that La Fontaine featuring a rabbit and a turtle. And whether to bet on the winner here, we will rely eyes closed at the end of the original fable, giving Motorola winner.