Cordy Sky, testing on Android

We already talked to Cordy here and there. Here now the test Cordy Sky, a game developed by SilverTree Media, at the moment, gondola Google Play, we’ll see its potential.

Cordy Sky

Installation and Startup

Cordy Sky will not work in any medium, being in 3D and greedy enough, the game will not run as well on a particular medium (the single-core will struggle, the game does not even come up to the screen Home on my X10!), but you can take the risk. Indeed, Cordy Sky free and lightweight (less than 17MB), which makes it a great choice for lovers of casual gaming.

To give you an idea, I performed this test on a tablet Asus Transformers (first name) and fluid game is not one hundred percent. However, Cordy has a point! We find the options, the possibility of reducing the quality of graphics, making in my case really more fluid play.


Well … It’s not there yet, but there is the will! You play Cordy, who wants to reach the planet 2, lack pot has more juice in the rocket, and picks up on a planet he does not know. A robot named Volt will help, giving great advice to recharge its rocket.

Courage Cordy!

Purpose and principle of the game

You will need to collect five coins (representing the end of a level) to refuel the rocket mister. For this you will find in the levels of workings that will act as currency and allow to unlock new items to reach the end of each level more easily.

This game is a kind of mix between the famous and DoodleJump MegaJump, climb still higher, by collecting bonuses and unlocking new content.

Always higher?!

graphic universe

We are in the presence of a childlike graphic universe, full of colors, everyone laughs and despite the fact that many things Cordy is against the back trying to kill him. It’s cute?! Let’s be serious, it is a simplistic 3D universe quite well controlled, a graphic consistency that pleased, especially given the number of dung found on Android.

The only downside is that the game is not optimized for tablet graphically, many pixelated elements (buttons, indicators …), it’s a shame.

It’s fine ?!


Then?! It spoils. As soon as you press play, three options before us to control our little Cordy, I was pleasantly surprised. One with classic touches, the other with the accelerometer and the last by dragging your finger. But why? Is it really to offer an experience more complete user? At the sight of the two controls on three simply unplayable (finger and accelerometer), I think it is mainly to offset this problem. As said earlier, the game may be more optimized for smartphones, it remains to be seen. Otherwise, the remaining controls, the game is very nice and easy to handle.

It looks good…


From that side, I think you’ll have plenty to do, the different levels of play are very comprehensive and somewhat repetitive, it is directly integrated with minigames, completely different tables throughout the levels. In addition you will need patience ?! Indeed, when we fall, we start from the beginning, no intermediate recovery, there are still emergency flares (he is providing this robot …). Of course, the possibility there is to buy through our workings boosts allowing us to almost skip a level.

Bolts masses ?!

The main plot is not very long to finish, but for real challengers who want to unlock everything, many successes and purchases are to be made, costumes, colors, boosts … In short, you have to want in to finish 100 %.

Only three ?!

Music and Sound

With a 3D game for 17 MB, it is not expected to have a beautiful soundtrack ?! And yet, the game is equipped with several music certainly not the most popular, and one to finish off after a game or two, but stick to the world of this little robot.

The sound effects are quite successful, some quality defects are found, and light sound bug when picking up a lot of objects at once.

Note and concluded

Scenario: 11/20

Principle: 13/20

Graphics: 16/20

Gameplay: 9/20

Sound: 12/20

Conclusion: 12/20

This game deserves to be tested, especially since it’s free and lightweight. I find the fact that it is possible to buy the machinery through a cash shop, but given the speed or it goes up, it’s really not necessary. Finally, the video presentation of the game.

Cordy Sky

SilverTree Media


Good game?!