Cosmo Run a runner-game in a changing world

Cosmo Run is a game with a very simple concept, but highly addictive. You’re a small ball of light and you have to move forward in an endless world made up of colorful squares.

It’s summer, what better than a little game to keep you at the pool or on the beach? Cosmo Run is a runner of an original genre. You play as a small ball of light traveling in a world made up of colorful squares. The goal is quite simple, your goal is to touch the screen at the right time to turn and avoid falling into the void. Each successful move, you earn one point. As in a classic runner, the goal is to go as far as possible.

You can also recoler stars on your way, once a thousand stars collected advertisements will be disabled. A nice feature introduced by the studio No. Six Five. The most impatient can disable the ads for 3.25 euros.

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Visually, the game is successful. The colored tiles are made, and effects of the disappearance of elements are pleasing to the eye. The soundtrack is also successful and is fully consistent with the mood of the game. Good point, the title is free on the Play Store.

Cosmo Run

No Six Five