Counter Strike 1.6: an explosive video of the Android version

In November, we learned that there is an attempt to carry Counter Strike 1.6 on Android. About two months later, now the shooter is precisely through an explosive trailer announcing an output period and slightly detailing the gameplay.

You dreamed not particularly, but someone did. Counter Strike 1.6, the famous FPS multiplayer is being ported to Android by SDLashTeam, a group of Russian amateur developers. To do this, they use Android Xash3D having their already served to make Half-Life available to mobile gamers. That night, one of the team members took the time to upload a video of the project and to answer some questions on Reddit.

This trailer with the sound of dubstep and achievement worthy of the best (?) Michael Bay production reveals a far interface to be minimalist, with many emulated touch buttons on the screen, but also a menu of purchase slightly redesigned. It is also stated that the game will be available from this spring, which leaves only a few months to wait for the hardcore fans of the title who would try it on their smartphone or tablet.

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On Reddit, a1baomarov gave some additional details. It states for example that bots (artificial intelligences to play alone against the computer) have been implemented, even if they are still bugged at the moment, or that the game is incompatible with the Steam servers, but that does anyone can create one from their PC through Xash3D. Moreover, for those who do not have the morphology of a poulpeet who would struggle to manage the many buttons on the screen, it is stated that Android Xash3D supports different types of throttles, and that this port should be able to be handled from any controller, even for purists, with a torque keyboard / mouse plugged in OTG.