CrossOver to run Windows applications on Android

Through the application of CodeWeavers CrossOver based on Wine, it will soon be possible to run Windows applications directly on an Android tablet. One of the conditions for the operation to work is to have a terminal with an x86 chip and not ARM. We think including the latest Asus devices.

Wine is free software and open source very experienced Linux users. It makes it possible to emulate a Windows environment from a Unix operating system. This is not to run Windows on a virtual machine, but you can run Windows applications (EXE famous) under Unix. Puisqu’Android is based on the Linux kernel and the latter is based on Unix, it is possible to use Wine on Android to run Windows applications. The company CodeWeavers will propose by the end of a beta version (Technology Preview) of CrossOver for Android.

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CrossOver is actually an application based on Wine, but adds proprietary code to better support the various applications and games for Windows. CrossOver is currently available on OS X and Linux for just under 50 euros per year. Technology Preview version for Android will be free, and it seems that this will be the case for the final version of the application.

An Intel processor and 2GB of RAM

To work, CrossOver for Android will require more robust configuration (2GB minimum RAM) and requires an x86 processor type, that is to say all terminals incorporating a chip like Intel Atom and the last x3, x5 and x7. Unfortunately, only the tablets will be supported by the application. A limit that the Windows application is easy to understand because are not developed to be displayed on small screens, which severely limit their usability.

Limited compatibility

All applications and all games should not be compatible, particularly because of the touch screen of the tablet, which requires a specific interface and patches. That’s the whole point of CodeWeavers: make it compatible the maximum possible software. The open source Wine project works meanwhile the most comprehensive support for the ARM architecture, so it is possible that eventually, CodeWeavers also supports ARM tablets, which represent the vast majority of the market.