Custom Firmware: Test Modaco and NexDesire!

All first let’s tell us why Root? what it can be used well? what does it actually brings us more in the Official firmware?

The root helps to be completely open to any practice, it is at your own risk, also with it we can access all the files in the system with a terminal either from your smartphone or from your computer to to make changes, the Root phone has the distinction of being open so accessible, with the accessibility we can also install alternative systems, overclock a processor and much more ..

For this you need the base, the recovery manufactured home, for all that information, you can visit the forum least where I even wrote a topic on the subject.

In recent days, I tried to hurry two customized operating systems for the Nexus One, one of the famous Modaco and the other one of the first to have worn Eclair 2.0 Stable version g1 / g2 aka Dream / Magic in Europe, manup456, both systems are based on the interface “Sense” HTC in version 2.1.

To notice the different between these two systems, we must delve into the changelog of both developers, they are not the ones who do not work, they inspire them to melt and forge the best possible every time, the advantage unofficial developers and forums that discuss this information and therefore we can try the latest forms more or less stable, they often start in Alpha version then turn into Beta then Stable release.

On both systems, I noticed a difference in fluidity, additions that are not in the Alpha 10 Modaco as application storage on the SD card directly with a partition ‘ext’ installable directly with the modified recovery, slight partial modifications to the theme of the level and additions and bug fixes but especially at the camera that Modaco currently stuck at 3 megapixels without Flash, unlike NexDESIRE or V1.1 it works 5megapixels with Flash.

So I present one of my first videos that of Modaco dating a little Alpha 7

One can notice some new Widgets roughly remelted or unknown, the Revised parameters that enable a better user comfort, I said that this system is derived and inspired from HTC Desire appeared for the first time at Mobile World Contest 2010.

In the next video I am trying to do on the NexDesire I most target the browser with Adobe Flash, this is not a revolution, so it takes the battery but still remains quite finished overall well that the lEDs on the device are functional, rotation and Adobe Flash 10.1.

“No guys of Abode are not idlers .. but they could do better, that’s clear.”

Soon, a new video, and some specifications about these firmwares customs … that rotates 360 ° trackball that changes colors (Green, Purple, Cyan, Blue, White, Yellow and Red.) And other changes including the kernel.32, I mix NexDesire and Cyanogen.