Cut MP3 files






After a live recording is on your hard drive one big MP3 file that you want to split into smaller portions. Editing with an audio editor is cumbersome. In addition, converting to WAV format is usually required, and that takes time. Is it easier?


For this task provides the command-line tool; mp3splt; at. It allows users to split sound files in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis format into smaller parts without encoding the data. The installation archive is the German-language documentation liesmich.htm. To install, unpack the archive and copy the program file MP3SPLT.EXE in the Windows directory. In the command prompt, and then change to the directory that contains the sound file.

An Example: You want to cut out DATEI.MP3 a track. It starts after five minutes and lasts for four minutes, so ends at nine minutes. The exact positions you with any player software. The command line is then

mp3splt datei.mp3 05:00 09:00

The finished file stores the tool in the same directory and appended to the specified values ​​to the name. The original file always remains untouched. Even long filenames are no problem for mp3splt.