Cyanogen claims to have “more users than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry together …”

At a press conference, Cyanogen said the figures in its operating system, declaring count more than 50 million users. The announcement was accompanied by a little dig at Microsoft’s attention and Research in Motion, however, to be taken lightly.

On the occasion of the Seattle Code Rush, Adnan Begovic, software engineer at Cyanogen, proudly announced that its operating system now exceeded the symbolic threshold of 50 million users. An impressive figure, especially when one remembers that the little blue robot was originally an alternative ROM reserved for certain smartphones. A photo was then posted on the Cyanogen official Instagram account, accompanied by the comment “more users than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry handsets.”

This statement is however strange and some defend already recalling that it has sold 70 million Windows Phone during the last 24 months, allowing logically assert that the words of Adnan Begovic are slightly overvalued. We can also confirm that it has sold over 75 million Lumia smartphones since 2012.

However, current usage rates of the Microsoft system is not publicly known, and it is impossible to certify that this bombastic announcement is just smoke and mirrors, or if many of the Windows phones sold today stored and out of use. Moreover, the American engineer cited “Windows Mobile”, the former name of Windows Phone, which would suggest that its accounts do not apply to versions 7 and above. A trick to fool the inattentive?

An impressive journey

Anyway, “more than 50 million users” remains a colossal figure for the US firm began as a grouping of fans wishing to make Android better. Today Cyanogen Inc. employs many people and is seen even embedded natively on some terminals (like the OnePlus One or some Micromax smartphones). In addition, the company also confirmed it has signed a partnership in April … with Microsoft, which charges for its violent comparative marketing today. Not sure that Bill Gates ranks appreciate …