Cyanogen recruits two Qualcomm engineers and Amazon

Cyanogen has just added two big names in computer engineering to his team, and they come straight from Qualcomm and Amazon.

Cyanogen growth dreams never cease. We learned today that the company has completed its team with two prominent engineers, chip├ęs Amazon and Qualcomm. The first is Stephen Lawler, of debauched at Amazon, and will hold the position of senior vice president in charge of engineering. As for the second, it is Karthick Iyer, thus leaving Qualcomm to settle the position of Vice President of Global Systems. Recruits who therefore occupy key positions within the company.

“Our goal continues to be the development of the Android platform and innovation in mobile computing,” said Kirt McMaster, CEO of Cyanogen. “Lawler and Iyer are each leaders in their field, each having sustained some computer platforms and most efficient services. Lawler brings a wealth of technical leadership in mobile services, mapping, localization, search, and cloud computing. Iyer has extensive expertise in the development of Android from start to finish. Both understand how to optimize engineering organizations. ”

The recent news of the company was rich, and the firm has formed numerous partnerships with well-known actors of the mobile world. These partnerships and adding big names to its board are part of its international development strategy. It will be interesting to see what has been the impact of this in the coming months.