Cyanogen will continue to update the OnePlus One, including India

A few days after the announcement of an exclusive partnership signed with the MicroMax manufacturer Cyanogen held to clarify its position with OnePlus. Cyanogen accurate and the OnePlus One phones will continue to be supported and updated, including in India.

Last week, OnePlus One OnePlus indicated that sold in India would no longer receive updates of their ROM, CyanogenMod 11s, due to an exclusive partnership between Cyanogen and MicroMax brand. Cyanogen has indeed committed to developing and supporting a CyanogenMod ROM for Yu MicroMax smartphones in India, which implied that the OnePlus One is left out in the territory. The OnePlus brand, astonished, indicated that OnePlus sold in India are installed in default CyanogenMod but these phones will no longer receive updated OTA. OnePlus then assured that a new ROM dedicated to his smartphone has been internally starts to overcome the lack of Cyanogen. In short, relations between the two marks seemed to lower or very close to divorce.

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OnePlus and Cyanogen cut bridges in India

Until Cyanogen clarify its position in a posting on his blog. In this statement, the company says there was never any question of abandoning the OnePlus One, whether in India or elsewhere in the world.

“We are proud of the work on the OnePlus One. Through our collaboration with OnePlus, we demonstrated that the combination of a hardware and a powerful software results in exceptional performance. To stop the misinformation that has been heard here and there, all OnePlus One benefit update their firmware OTA, all, including smartphones Indian users. It seems important to clarify this and to bury once and for all the false rumors. ”

OnePlus he concluded too quickly that Cyanogen had to abandon it? It seems so. This is certainly great news for owners of OnePlus One. The question that remains unresolved is now present: the OnePlus Two will he also installed on CyanogenMod? Answer next year.