CyanogenMod 13 has its new release video screens

On the occasion of the Big Android BBQ 15, Cyanogen has unveiled some details about the next version of the famous alternative ROM. The presentation of the new unlock screen was captured on video and broadcast on the Internet in stride.

Every year the Android system fans gather for the Big Android BBQ in Texas. This year the event took place on 22 and 23 October, and many stakeholders have had the opportunity to present their projects. This is the case for example of the Cyanogen team that showed the new features of the unlock screen to come on CyanogenMod 13. This speaking was filmed by RootJunky, which proposes to relive through a video.

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Four lockscreens have been presented. Among them, City Scape Pool and Zen respectively show the silhouette of a cityscape and a Zen pond (with koi) into cartoon versions. Then comes Party Popper, posting a “cracker” of Christmas, this foil equipped with a firecracker exploding by pulling on each end (of the screen). Bomb explodes gluttony there by unlocking the screen. But aside from the cute animations of these unlocked screens, new elements are thin.

For the latter, however, entitled “Social Media Gallery”, simply enter a keyword to the phone is charging to go and get on social networks corresponding images returned hashtag. For the demonstration, only Instagram was available, but the video shows already quickly what it looks like automatic slideshow. It is not clear however that the phone displays when no network is available.

During development, CyanogenMod 13 has not yet confirmed its release date.