D-Link Boxee Box: test and review

D-Link offers high definition media center Boxee Box. This reader to the original shape can watch on TV the content usually viewed on a computer as online programs, applications or a web browser.

The Boxee Box can also analyze your home network to provide access to a virtual library. The housing supports full HD 1080p screen and 5.1 allowing you to enjoy the quality of your files. For easy navigation, you have available a conventional two-sided remote control on one side, and with a QWERTY keyboard on the other.

It is also possible to access files on DLNA and UPnP compatible devices with the Boxee Box. Access to favorite social networks can share programs that appeal to you and see recommendations from your friends. To access your network, you can choose between a wired connection via the Ethernet jack or wirelessly using the integrated N-type WiFi technology.

connectivity, the D-Link Boxee Box has an HDMI output, optical audio port, a left and right RCA audio output, 2 USB 2.0 ports and an SD card slot, SDHC and MMC. The introductory price of the media center Boxee Box by D-Link offered is 229 euros.