Dark Legends, a fantasy-horror MMORPG on Android

Preview in January on the blog, Spacetime Studios has finally released its Free2Play MMORPG, Dark Legends.

In this MMORPG facing a very fantastic theme – horror, you incarnate a person vampire race who will face different threats prevailing in this dark and devastated world (undead, werewolves, other vampires, demons and humans of course). A title that is moving towards much intrigue and suspense that unfolds through multiplayer quests, but also through solo quests. These quests come in the form of quick missions in several sequences that constitute a kind of interactive mini-tales, where the player learns to get under the skin of a vampire.

Mechanical interesting fight with conventional rapid shares present in previous titles from the publisher, but with the ability to learn and to undertake special actions, such as the load or drain the health of an opponent, to get back in shape. The player has the ability to create and join secret societies working in the shadow of the world (such as guilds / families of vampires). In short, Free2Play aspect is unfortunately present in this title that could have a place more acquired on a free model test and paying a full version. I briefly tried and I find it unfortunate that we should spend money and still have money to move faster, even if it is not a constraint.

Compatible from Android Froyo (2.2)

Size of the application (game): ~ 39 MB

It is available for download from the Play Store

Dark Legends

spacetime Games


It is also available on the Google Chrome browser.