Day Video Games: Today is celebrated games

Reason to celebrate: The July 8 is the official day of video games!

H oday is almost every day sometimes more, sometimes less serious celebration or commemoration. From the day of sweatpants until the day of the kiss everything is represented what anyone seems worthy celebration of some kind. As a day of video games should not be missed of course. The good news: It exists and it is today! The bad: It brings you not one day nor any advantages. It provides you with only one reason to prefer to do good conscience even in bright sunshine and waiting housework what you love to do anyway: gamble!

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If such a day would totally unnecessary? Not at all! Video games have become one of the major entertainment media of the present into the past sixty years of scientific experiment. A historic development that can occasionally should bear in mind is absolutely. Already in the 50s, scientists began the first computers with implementing simple Daddeleien. In 1972, with “Pong” the first commercial game – first as Daddelautomat, then later as a home console. Forty years later, sales has become an industry of this small idea generated in the billions. Gaming is not just a pastime, but a lifestyle for many. Many players indulge their hobby for decades. Which title has brought you to gamble, which do you think is the greatest classics? Can you tell it to the world in the attached voting!