Dell Latitude E5410: test and review

If the design of the Dell Latitude E5410 does not shine by its

finesse, quality of design is welcome for a laptop

professional. This also helps develop the proper connectors with 4

USB ports, a mini FireWire port, a PC Card slot, a card reader

memory and a VGA output.

Our test model with an Intel processor

Core i3-350M 2.27 GHz, 2 GB RAM issued performance quite

adapted to his vocation. But this laptop is also available in several

configurations, one with a Core i7. The Dell Latitude E5410 has a slightly dated 14.1-inch screen, but with good readability and viewing angles quite correct. Although it is not particularly

bulky for a 14-inch (38x22x244mm), however, it is heavy (2.36 kg)

which is not suitable for regular mobile use. The autonomy is itself

decent but not exceptional.

In the end, the Dell Latitude E5410 is a rugged notebook PC that offers quite decent performance with a range up to it. And machine customization options will answer as precisely as possible to the needs of each.

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