Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP: test and review

Externally difficult to differentiate the 2407WFP 2408WFP. The second successor of the first in the UltraSharp monitor end Dell remains a 24-inch diagonal (61 cm) with the same design and ergonomics. The 2408WFP and mixing black plastic to aluminum, with front 6 buttons to set.

For this model, Dell remains faithful to a PVA type of tile with a response time (6 ms gray to gray). A widely sufficient reactivity to play and watch movies in comfortable conditions. The films are taking full advantage of the technology of the slab. With angles of 178 degrees horizontal visions as vertical, it is unnecessary to place hair cell in front of the screen.

Adjustable in height and angle, the UltraSharp 2408WFP also rotates from landscape to portrait mode. What enjoy its wide diagonal whether for video editing, photo editing, office or graphic composition. To switch from one position to another, it must be careful when placing the screen at maximum height, and tilt it fully backwards. In all other cases, the corner of the screen bump the table.

The main asset due this screen turns its connections. It follows that of 2407WFP, and adds the latest appeared taken. The 2408WFP offers and the Display Port and HDMI (HDCP), alongside the now classic DVI, VGA, S-Video, Composite and Component. The functionality of this Dell screen does not stop there. A memory card reader (9 2, 9 card formats supported via two slots) and two USB ports seated on the left side of the device.

This comprehensive connectivity transforms the 2408WFP in universal screen. It is physically possible to connect it with all device types, from the computer to the standard game console (Nintendo Wii) or HD (Sony Playstation 3), not from the DVD player or HD player Blu- ray. It is therefore an alternative for all users who do not wish to combine a TV and a monitor at home.

The colors indicate correct once a minimum of settings made. As his close televisions, the UltraSharp uses cunning dynamic contrast for displaying a ratio of 3000: 1. A device that can be overridden at the first connection of the screen.