Dire predictions for the SED

The saga of the SED continues! Ambitious display technology developed by Canon and Toshiba, it is supposed to refer to plasma and LCD closet combining the quality of the cathode and the small footprint of a flat screen. Announced for 2006 and 2007 and finally promised for 2008, she knows

another setback with the withdrawal of Toshiba’s development.

Asked about the issue at the official presentation of its HD DVD players, the manufacturer has insisted he did not withdraw from the project but only for development. The reasons for the withdrawal would come from a licensing issue with the owner of the SED technology: Nano-Proprietary. Canon would have gained, but not Toshiba.

And here is the professional journal of the Display Monitor display, supported by our colleagues Hardware.fr predicted a premature end to the SED. This conclusion is based on the accumulated delays, the withdrawal of Toshiba, higher final costs than expected progress by the LCD and the fact that Canon (who has no reputation for TV) is the only spearhead commercial. On this last point, Toshiba said that the Canon screens will certainly marketed under his name. Then a stillborn SED technology, or indeed the screens of the future?