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T he free app Photofunia is a perfect app to integrate your own images into pre recordings – and almost automatically. For example, you can choose to have your portrait will hang in the Louvre, is embedded as a reflection in an antique frame or beams of a neon advertisement at New York’s Times Square. If you choose to fit your face in special designs, which helps Photofunia Face Recognition, which identifies your head and accurately fits into the template. After you select your favorite motif among dozens of creative compositions, take a photo or load one from your iPhone to the website of the manufacturer high. In seconds you’ll get your picture that usually delivers an amazing result.


Very easy to use

Spectacular effects

Dozens of Templates


Unclear terms

Test score of editors



The effect and the power bandwidth of Photofunia is impressive. Not understandable, however, why the images must be uploaded to the manufacturer’s website. The app will indeed guarantee that the photos are not shown on the website, but in general terms, the manufacturer reserves right before this. Too bad, because the effects of Photofunia are really worth seeing! (Hol)

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