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Sardonic laughter and horror effects: Graveyard is the horror Flipper Pinball Dreaming.

T he pinball simulation Pinball Dreaming is the implementation of the well-known Amiga classic from 1992: They get the four thematically different tables Ignition, Steel Wheel, BeatBox and Nightmare. You can either play pinball in portrait or landscape mode. In the latter, the image section follows the steel ball. If you shake your iPhone, you can change to the “tilt” of the ball course. Zoom effects as with other pinball there are not at Pinball Dreaming, the tables are also simple. At the ball physics there is nothing wrong, the soundscape is arcade-accessible.


Credible ball physics

Four tables


Stale table settings

Technically outdated

Test score of editors



Pinball Dreaming plays fluently and smoothly. However, it shows the model’s age already: Both the table design and the technical implementation is stale and it acts not in comparison with other pinball timely. (Hol) ┬╗Download Pinball Dreaming

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