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Six out of 50 programs of Evergreen Collection: Recognize the logos? Correct: It is Chrome, FileZilla, Firefox, GIMP, Thunderbird and WinRAR.

M anchen programs is not merely phased but granted years of success: They are then as now a recommendation – and the manufacturers to improve the function of wealth or reliability updates constantly. Such long-running can be found in the percentage of this website download archive not many. The beads, the editors have picked: Read how great software from the internet, work, security, multimedia and tuning begun or what milestones she has. Pictures show examples of what has been done visually and functionally over time. In the top-50 ranking is this website has oriented the year taken in the download area as well as the absolute user requests.

Oldies, but Goldies: Years Leader downloads

50 classic

Proven software with good care

Firefox: Name changes including

Two generations faced: Firefox 2 and 44. The older version gets no more security patches.

To escape copyright issues, Mozilla renamed its browser 2004: From Firebird Firefox was. Galt the program to the time as a secret, it unbuttoned in the following years, the Internet Explorer always more market share from. High speed, compliance with Web standards and extensibility by numerous add-ons made their contribution. Further advantages: viewable source code (open source), rapid security updates, welladjustable surface. With Version 4 not only kept completely revised surface collection, the manufacturer also went on to update the six-week cycle. That does not please everyone, the improvements are flowing to many users in proportion to the 1st version jumps. Technical innovations come thanks to the rhythm but faster to the people. Although Firefox is so popular because of its freedom, away from it Mozilla: Because of the optics refresh Australis surfers have felt since version 29 less room for adjustment. And many extensions no longer work: Design-Papers (Themes) are often incompatible add-ons no longer installed without signing – to release them must pass a security check. The increased popularity of 64-bit processors carries Mozilla account with Firefox version 42, there is a final 64-bit fox. He provides more speed, stability and increased due to the interrupted NPAPI- / plug-in support safety.

CCleaner: cleaning power that even shines

CCleaner started small, established by solid cleaning performance to a size in the freeware section.

The download numbers do not lie: CCleaner is the undisputed number 1 of the most popular tuning tools in the download area. The cleaning performance is well received: The software finds garbage in the most diverse corners of the operating system. For manual cleanup would probably not mind, to be considered in addition to temporary files or trash areas such as DNS cache or run dialog history. The first version already contained a registry cleaner module that erases uninstall remnants of remote applications. A separate icon received this Section only later, during the time the button changed to Troubleshooting in the registry tool to place. In addition to smaller design polish held with major releases multiple modern surfaces collection: for example, manages the access to the extras section faster, which provides a simplified uninstall option. From the list overview with the innovations of recent versions (Changelog) the developers have adopted – a pigtail cut off to the one does not need to mourn. Given positive user response followed a Mac version: The eliminated ballast operating system and third-party applications, a component to clean registry missing – Mac OS X comes without this database. Also for Android there is CCleaner, the app version has everything you need.

Set programs and the best alternatives

100 applications

Old Software – fresh replacement

WinRAR: compressor with proven surface

Window Comparison between WinRAR from 2002 and 2016 – the design is similar to.

1995 on the start line, created and unpacked WinRAR archives, the file size smaller. Especially in the early days of the Internet shrink cures were important, after all, was hardly upload bandwidth for sending files ready. The relevance of the packer increases in the face of cheap SSDs with lack of space again. Updates enjoy constant users, mostly they caused nothing earth. The version number increases, then as now in small steps, as the functions – which is at a high level: archives in RAR format produced under the known programs only WinRAR, testing this compressed file folder on any errors and fixes them. Among the more well liked changes include that the developer lifted the packing and unpacking speed. 2014 carries WinRAR the rising popularity of mobile devices into account: the long-running there from now on as an Android app. Although WinRAR officially costs money, the manufacturer must allow the permanent use – after 40 days of test time appear solicitation, but you can ignore.

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