DVD burner for how long?

The war between the blank DVD formats +/- R / RW is hardly over other industrial battles undertake. Without much concern for consumers who might buy today a burner which will be explained to him tomorrow that the entry of new optical disc formats makes it obsolete. It must already be among the last small audio / video hybrid support DVDPlus. Soon, Blu-Ray discs from Sony and HD-DVD Toshiba and Nec will compete in order to replace the DVD video. But by then, the blank dual-layer DVD will already have landed, with their lots of incompatibilities.

Reading ensured for DVDPlus …

The palm returns to the compatibility DVDPlus. Thus any device that can play audio CDs and DVDs adapts to this new hybrid format. And since there is no blank DVDPlus, the issue of the write compatibility does not arise.

The DVDPlus takes the form of a disc of 12 cm or 8 cm, with two faces. The first silver color corresponds to an audio CD and the second, of gold, that of a DVD video. The main technical difficulty is to maintain the thickness of 1.5 mm to leave compatibility with CD players and existing DVD. This is to keep two drives in one, without that the dimensions are not doubled. This is not a simple collage of a CD and a DVD. In this case, the discs have displayed a thickness of 2×1,2 mm, or 2.4 mm. The first disc produced DVDPlus large scale (100,000 copies) was released in mid-April 2004. Digital Valley, a French company, owns the license.

… Not for Blu-Ray and HD DVD

In contrast, the palm of the inconsistency falls to Blu-ray Disc from Sony and its future competitor HD DVD, developed by Toshiba and NEC. Indeed, the current players and DVD recorders can not read, much less enroll any data. This is primarily a wavelength history. Both technologies use a blue laser with a wavelength of 405 nanometers, so as to store more information on a single disc. Comparing a laser brush and data included in cavities, brushes existing drives and players would be too thick to access or create as small cavities.

Furthermore, a Blu-Ray disc can certainly store 23.3 to 100 GB of information, but it is so sensitive to the external environment, it must be protected in a cartridge. The data is virtually traded on the disc surface. HD DVD, developed by Toshiba and NEC, meanwhile displays storage capacities ranging from 15, 20 to 80 GB and requires no cartridge. And it was approved by the DVD Forum, in charge of organization specific to DVD standards. The Blu-Ray technology, which already exists in Japan and the US will make its appearance in France in 2005. The first HD DVD players should point the tip of their nose to the same period. Blu Ray or HD DVD, these readers should provide backward compatibility in reading or writing, with CD and DVD.

Can not write on the blank dual-layer DVD

By then, the so-called double-layer DVD will already have taken place in the shelves. As traditional media, it will be declined in versions + and -. Supposed to have similar physical characteristics to some DVD video, they should not encounter any compatibility problems with existing readers. However, things do not seem so simple for burning. Manufacturers are fairly little to say about the performance of these new media. Not easy to get information on access times and transfer rates, or the appearance rewritable versions. One thing is certain. In the current state of devices, writing on such media is impossible because of the inadequate laser power.

And a dual-layer burner will write tomorrow bought slower! As its name implies, this DVD can store twice, data on the same face. DVD dual layer single-sided, recording information on two different layers of the same face, and sees its storage capacity to expand to 8 GB instead of 4.3 GB. Available in June 2004, the first will be DVD + R DL (Double layer DL for or dual layer) certified 2.4x. Sony is set to release in a few weeks its first dual layer burner. The latter wrote to 8x speed on DVD single layer and double-layer 2.4x on DVD! The DVD-R camp released specifications of dual layer media at the end of the year.

The one who needs a writer will not wait for the calm has returned to invest. Waiting a few weeks, the arrival of dual layer burners, it will gain in capacity as in slow execution! At least wait until the summer, time for single layer 16x burners emerge. 16x speed will burn a DVD in six minutes instead of ten, the rate of burning is also a target value for the DVD recorders.

The user is his choice of 8x stamped pattern, 12x, 16x or double layer, rapidly it may ogle the side burners “Blu-Ray” or “HD DVD” which should appear by year.