Dvico Momobay CX2 40GB: test and review

When the USB key is too limited in capacity, or too expensive, it is necessary to turn to an external hard drive to transfer data from one PC to another. Unfortunately these are powered by an external transformer, heavy and cumbersome.

The CX2 Momobay 40GB Korean Dvico happens it from external power. It takes the energy it needs directly from the PC to which it is connected.

The connection is done by USB 2.0, 1.1 for older PCs or Firewire for computers that are equipped.

This is also the main strength of this External 40GB hard drive. Small, 10cm long, 5 meters wide and only 1.6 thick, and requiring no external power supply, it is versatile and extremely easy to use. Whatever equipment PC finds his account and a way to connect. Only one cable to plug and voila. Under Windows 2000 or XP it does not even require additional drivers.

Problem, some USB ports do not provide enough current to power the hard drive. Some Firewire ports are not able to power devices (including Sony). In these cases several solutions exist, optional. The simplest is to use an external transformer. But it loses the whole point of this drive. Most cunning, the manufacturer offers a series of cables to bypass this problem. It is thus possible to connect Firewire, using the 480Mbps available, but to draw energy from the USB port by connecting a single cable.

When this is the USB port fails, a cable connects the hard drive to PS2 port, used for both keyboard. It delivers enough current to operate the Momobay bypassing the still bulky external transformer.

Side data transfer, the Momobay is doing very well, thanks to broadband connections are USB 2.0 at 400Mbps and 480Mbps Firewire.

USB 1.1 requires nearly 13min 30s to transfer a film 681Mo, in divx format, the Momobay to PC. Therefore a time but understandable given the limitation of USB 1.1, 1.5Mbps. The transition to the USB 2.0 allows to save time, since you have to average 54s to transfer the same file! Firewire is even better, 42 seconds enough.

This disc makes sense with a fast connection, but its compatibility with USB 1.1 allows to use the occasion of a slightly older PC. Its portability is exemplary because it can happen to any accessory. It is the ideal tool for anyone who frequently transfers a PC file to another. But it can also be used on a laptop a bit old, thus avoiding having to open it to change the hard drive and reinstall so the whole system.