EA wants to win gamers themselves games

EA has it in for the favor of PC gamers.

N ew publisher polarize the Community as much as Electronic Arts. While one side celebrates the great title of the company, other complain that the manufacturer greed and lack of quality. In one thing at least gamers, however, are largely in agreement: EA has allowed in recent years some nasty Schnitzer. Whether it was the disaster launch of “Sim City” or the never correct errors freed “Battlefield 4” – home computer users had in the past more than once enough of the publisher. Meanwhile, the company is clearly aware and declares now that the goal was to work on this reputation.

“EA Play: Electronic Arts lets E3!

According to a media report EA employee Peter O’Reilly recently declared that the publisher located on a mission to win the trust of gamers back. The Introduction of the new Origin Access Service and a clearer return policy for purchases from the Origin Store or regular free games as part of the “on the house” actions should it only be the beginning. It was already very proud of the goals achieved, however, would be driven to continue to get better and to offer players even more. Among other things, the premium service Origin Access to offer free in the future titles that do not originate from the portfolio of EA but third party.

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