eLaptopComputer.com Trophy 2014: elect Android smartphone of the year!

Last year, we asked for your help to determine what the best smartphone of 2013. Given the enthusiasm that this operation has created, we have decided to appeal once again to you to choose the best Android smartphone 2014!

The conduct of the contest will be the same as last year: four rounds a week each during which your favorite smartphones will be selected, so that only one left in the end, the smartphone of 2014!

Each round will last one week, and at the end of each round, smartphones with the least votes will be eliminated. Today, you can vote for the 8 smartphones that have marked you during this year 2014! Next Wednesday, 8 smartphones will come out of the lot among the hundreds that appears on the form. The week after, we will set up random duels with 8 leading the way in appliances. After these duels in the quarterfinals, 4 will be eliminated, then 2 … until only one remains!

How to vote?

The first round begins today, and you can vote for up to 8 smartphones, who do you most deserve the title of Android smartphones of 2014!

May the best win!