Electronics: reopen the mines in France to prevent Chinese domination?

The materials of certain electronic devices are produced abroad under bad conditions. Order it to stop, France could reopen its own mines.

It was first necessary to denounce. The human and environmental disasters related to the extraction of minerals have been many scandals in recent years, and the Parliamentary Office for Evaluation of Scientific and Technological (OPECST) wants these productions are better controlled. It calls to stop importing these metals from China and revive mining on French soil.

All new electronics, smartphone in NASA rockets, require more and more of “rare earth” (term used for electromagnetic metals) and critical metals (insufficient). Faced with this surge in demand, China is almost the sole provider for global needs: it is the largest producer and exporter of 40 of the most important minerals. “The weakest link is the ability to make a good degree of control of the Chinese side,” says Patrick Hetzel (LR), rapporteur of the body.

According to Amnesty International, its ecological and human standards are not ours. Thus the rich countries would play a double game troublesome: “This is the syndrome” not in my backyard “” launches Patrick Hetzel, “you want to enjoy but not develop the business on our soil.” In recent years, mining extraction sites in China and India pollute the surrounding territories, when they do not subcontract to African sites.

Companies using the Chinese mining companies (Amnesty International and Afrewatch)

During the round table organized in the National Assembly on the subject, the geologist Patrice Christmann protested: “How do we encourage companies that really meet the standards … what are we fact? Are we allowed to “produce anything anyhow” enter the market? “” If we do not want it, we need a European quality infrastructure. ”

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One solution to this global problem would be to imitate the American attitude. Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank law requires listed companies to implement better traceability regarding their supply chain metal. This legislation would have contributed to some legislative efforts in China, according to the French Foreign Ministry.

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The challenge is not ecologically These segments may be an economic lever in power, and extraction could rise from the ashes mining jobs in France. We talk about high potential of tungsten, antimony, lithium, tin, fluorspar, and gold all over the country.