Emule and other software peer-to-peer

EMule is a peer to peer software (P2P) Popular. He just blow these candles 5 and is available for the occasion, in a new version. Among the new uses of P2P, there is the use of social or secure networks to share and transfer personal files. Hamachi client as well to specify the people to whom you want to give access to its photos or home videos.

The Azureus client who has just changed name to Vuze a milestone by offering everyone to disseminate rent or sell the content it has itself created. This is also the case of Bittorrent. An adviser track for authors, musicians and filmmakers looking to make themselves known. One last tip before you start, set your system and update security software because some networks a significant proportion of trapped content flows.

uTorrent 1.7 (free)

A BitTorrent client resourceful.


Azureus (Vuze) (free)

A P2P client to publish and be paid by sharing his creations.


BitComet 0.87 (free)

A powerful BitTorrent client for file sharing.


BitTorrent (free)

This pioneer of P2P takes a commercial turn.


eMule 0.48a (free)

Popular P2P software.


Hamachi (free)

secure sharing.


iMesh 7.1 (free)

P2P file sharing music and videos 100% legal.


LimeWire (free)

Complete client Gnutella.


Shareaza (free)

Connect the choice to file sharing networks Gnutella, eDonkey and BitTorrent.