Epson Perfection 2580 Photo: test and review

Whether you are a novice or a professional photographer who needs a second scan to edit photos of your evenings, the Epson Perfection 2580 Photo will make you great service. It includes a suitable dowry software and automatic film proves particularly handy charger to work with 35mm negatives. Moreover, only 150 euros, this Epson is cheap enough for you to buy a printer or a large memory card.

Of curved shape, the Perfection 2580 features a stylish finish, gray and silver. With 27.4 x 41.9 cm size, it will not clutter your workspace too. Epson has incorporated into the hood autoloader that can easily scan 35mm film. The offer also includes a standard adapter for slides under cover and a USB cable for connecting the scanner to a Mac or PC. Before first use, you must install the driver and Epson Scan utility, which provides a simple way to configure the scans based on your skill level.

If you are new to digital imaging, you probably want to use the Full Auto mode, which does nothing more than ask you to select the Auto option and click the Scan button. If you want to make some basic retouching the image, try the Home mode, it provides options for adjusting brightness, color and resolution. The Professional Mode allows for him to fully control the size, resolution, color and exposure of the image. You can also set the sharpness, descreening (used to suppress the points halftone images from magazines or newspapers) and the anti-dust function.

A facelift to old photos

With an optical density of 3.2 and an optical resolution of 2400 dpi, the Perfection 2580 product performance that would have cost you hundreds of euros a few years ago. The print scans proved quite satisfactory, with homogeneous skin tones and a relatively high level of sharpness. Although the Perfection 2580 scanner can match a dedicated film, he realized scans 35mm of an acceptable and sufficient quality to enable loading them on the web or send them to friends by email. Moreover, we give bonus points to Epson for its convenient automatic charger. You can also use the supplied adapter for scanning slides under cover of 35 mm.

Genealogists will appreciate the anti-dust function, in our tests, has removed more or less successful small flecks of our negatives and transparencies. By cons, its use triple the scanning time and results in a slight loss of sharpness. Option Easy Photo Fix restores a neutral color balance in a rather satisfactory, it applies a correction preset color to offset the tendency of impressions to spend time. The result is not perfect, but this option will allow you to rejuvenate your few precious family photos of years.

Regarding the support options, you can install the Smart Panel Epson software. It displays a pop-up menu with eight button functions dedicated to scanning, recognition (OCR), the basic operations of image editing and photo sharing via the Epson website. This feature is remarkable for beginners, but you probably use more after some time.