external batteries: do not fall over in the harbor

For fans intensive applications who see the autonomy of their smartphone melt like snow in the sun, or more generally, for mobile users anguished by the electrical outlet syndrome never there when you need it, an external battery becomes ultimate accessory. Here is a varied selection of models whose reputation is second to none!

Before rushing headlong on a battery purchase, you must have two or three things in mind to do his choice. First, in general, you can count on 30 to 40% of losses between advertised and the actual capacity: a battery mAh 10,000 can therefore deliver 6000 to 7000 mAh, or 2 to 2.3 full refills a smartphone of 3000 mAh for example. Then it’s important to choose a battery with dimensions suited to the intended use: indeed, there are more reserves in a model with 20,000 mAh in another at 6400 mAh, but the first will weigh easily half a kilo and will not pass in a pocket, while the second will be easy to carry.

Finally, the number of USB ports, their amperage and nature (type A or type C, consistent QuickCharge or equivalent technology) should also be taken into account to find the Shoe Fits: will you charge multiple devices simultaneously or one? Will it be a tablet? only smartphone? Our selection covers most cases with affordable models, known in writing or at least preferred by many users. Note that all these products are sold only through Amazon.