Face to face: Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 against the Dell Inspiron 1520

Both machines are equal on connectivity and the features. The Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 and Dell Inspiron 1520 include Wi-Fi, webcam, memory card reader, and dedicated graphics … The same amount of RAM (2 GB) team both machines, but Lenovo is however necessary at the sheer power of its processor and the capacity of its hard disk.

Best Sound Lenovo

The sound system of Y510 very pleasantly surprised. The speakers backed the small subwoofer under the body of the PC delivers a sound that does not blush over small speakers. Face a real asset to the Dell left in the middle class laptops with its pretty poor.

A recent design for Y510

More an observation than a complaint the design of the Inspiron 1520 is older than that of Lenovo. This results in less efficient elements, particularly at the graphics card. This does not prevent the IdeaPad to toil seriously about games. This is a multimedia PC not a PC game. The Inspiron has for him modularity. Dell force that allows you to customize the machine according to his needs. A luxury that pay very fast, very expensive.

Tastes and colors

Admittedly, the Lenovo has a very particular aspect with its sharp angles, two orange buttons, its striated black coating. The most simple and classic look of the Dell chance to read through. Especially since it is possible to select from 8 colors to give a personal touch.

While not a bad machine, the Dell suffers from its anticipation. Lenovo did better on all levels (except may be on the design). Logically and rationally we prefer the IdeaPad Y510.

The selection eLaptopComputer

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510

multimedia PC, more portable than laptop

70 stars

Test performed 09/01/2008

Dell Inspiron 1520 – Core 2 Duo T5250 1.5 GHz – 15.4 “TFT

56 stars

Test performed on 28/01/2008