Face to Face: Windows Vista against Windows XP

Up to 85 seconds, 1 minute 25, are necessary for Vista to perform routine office tasks with Office 2007 (Excel charting, print preview of PowerPoint slides, etc.): this is what reveals the tests conducted by Devil Mountain Software. The computer company has performed the same operations with Windows XP. Results: former service operating system equipped with the SP3 is in much better fate. It puts the worst 35 seconds for the operations carried out with the same Office 2007! Confirmation that any Vista user already suspected: the new Microsoft OS for the same configuration is synonymous with delays, sometimes unbearable.

Could this, he will change? Perhaps with the first service pack. The latter, which includes patches and updates is planned for the beginning of 2008. We have installed and tested almost finalized version of this Service Pack (see our image gallery) and actually found significant improvements. Copying or decompressing files including proceeds faster. Concerning office applications, the gain was however not visible. Not until the final version of the service pack to an idea, performance tuning generally included the latest developments.

Security side, no doubt Vista outperforms XP. We have said and maintain. That said, a PC running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and regularly updated, already provides a good level of security. In other words, the gain between Windows XP SP2 and Vista is too low to constitute a sufficient reason to migrate to Vista.

Vista’s new for the general public? Sure, they exist: the Aero interface gives a facelift in Windows. We can also mount its high definition videos. When access to its media resources, it is facilitated by the new Media Center. But any or all of these innovations also exist in sometimes providing a much better service (see iLife Apple for everything related to photography, video and sound as well as the same Apple Front Raw, integrated application for Mac OS X which competes with Microsoft Media Center). Above all, they are not available in all versions of Vista. The large public PCs sold commercially are usually equipped with one of two versions Family, lighter version of Vista. As reported six months after the release of Vista (Vista read our special report: 6 months) in July, he must flee the Home Basic, which does not provide much of a functional point of view and opted at least the Home Premium.

Finally, the compatibility of the new OS. If he is doing quite well on the software side (see BenchExpert study concludes that 95% of consumer market applications operating under Vista), it always fishing equipment side. Despite what Microsoft (45,000 available drivers, 1.9 million of computer peripherals and components, or 95% of the material available on the market), the forums are filled with discussions related to hardware incompatibilities.

Blame Microsoft? Device manufacturers? Whatever! Nothing today is no guarantee it will not renew some of its equipment in the event of migration.

In the end, he passed Vista today? Our answer is no. Of course, we do not always have a choice in case of renewal of PC, Vista is frequently pre-installed. Still, many manufacturers make backtrack and propose again machines running XP. Machines look closely, especially the entry level models totally unable to support Vista.

And you, what do you think of Windows Vista?

The selection eLaptopComputer

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows XP more secure but not without “bugs”.

70 stars

Test performed on 17/08/2004

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

New interface and features

78 stars

Test performed on 07/02/2007