Facebook: 51% of users worried about the arrival of Timeline?

According to a survey conducted by Sophos to a little over 4,000 Facebook users, 51.29% of social network users would be worried from the Timeline, new version of the wall currently being deployed to all members.

Automatic Deployment and imposed Timeline arrives at the same time that the announcement of new applications “frictionless” whose publication is automatic from the moment they have been accepted once by the user, the image of the publication of the songs heard in Spotify. According to Sophos, the multiplication of sharing on Facebook, and easy lay hands on old publications through the timeline, would result in “overdose” among some members of the social network.

The security editor asked 4,110 Facebook followers what they thought of the Timeline: 7,96% indicated enjoy, 8.39% think getting used to, 32.36% said no why they were always on Facebook and 51.29% are worried about the timeline.

Overall, returns therefore prove to be particularly negative: however, it must be clearly emphasized that the representative sample is very small, and be based on 4000 users to define the overall trend on a social network with over 800 million accounts is risky. Still, the Timeline worries some protection agencies of privacy, such as EPIC, which recently asked the FTC to investigate the case.

If Sophos believes that the arrival of Timeline will present perhaps question the presence of some users on the social network, the publisher still doubt any significant leakage of its members. “Facebook has already made revisions in the past and, despite the complaints of its users, the site continued to gain popularity.” By some estimates, Facebook could reach one billion accounts by next summer.

Edited on 11/07/2012 at 16:28

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