Facebook calls directly in Firefox via the Social API

Long heralded the Social API developed by Mozilla takes shape with the provision of a Firefox plugin dedicated to Facebook: after installation, it retrieves directly within their browser, chat functions and monitoring recent events social network.

Firefox users now have the ability to integrate Facebook directly within their browser. To do this, they need only to have the latest stable version to date (Firefox 17.0.1) and then activate the function via the dedicated page.

Instantaneous or nearly installing this extension graft software a new sidebar that contains every feature one that usually Facebook users. Upstairs, there is therefore the ticker listing the recent interactions, followed by the list of connected contacts. It then becomes possible to initiate a conversation text with a single click, it is then superimposed display of the browser window.

The experience thus wants the closest possible to the one proposed by the social network on its website. Within the browser, dedicated buttons for Facebook are appearing (to the right of the navigation bar): these show notifications, messages, and friend requests, as well as the option to turn to click integration. The side bar may also be masked in the application. Everything is essentially based on asynchronous communication capabilities via the open interfaces and WebSockets HTML5 Shared Worker.

Already documented programming interfaces “Social API” developed by Mozilla are open, which will allow other online services to take advantage of this possible integration with Firefox.

Edited on 03/12/2012 at 7:57 p.m.

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