Facebook denies plans to launch a music streaming platform

Facebook has denied initial information to The Verge that suggested opening a music streaming platform. The social network would, however, in discussions with the majors.

It is now several weeks of persistent rumors about a music streaming platform launched by Facebook haunt the canvas. It’s The Verge who had been most insistent, saying that Facebook officials have begun talks with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, the top three majors of the music industry. But Facebook, either for the sake of discretion, either to bury the rumor, just deny the information.

A company spokesman said that Facebook has “no plan to enter the streaming music.” Indeed, Facebook would not count provide a platform for classical music streaming (like Spotify, Deezer or other) but would have well and truly begun discussions with the majors. One can imagine the musical integrations within the web platform or mobile applications, the network is now focusing on consulting time of its users. With 1.4 billion members, Facebook’s growth in number of users tends to reduce, and to generate revenue, keep the handy user.

We should soon know what Facebook actually has to do with music, who always tends to diversify its activities and income.