Facebook finally lets you control your News Feed

This is not new, Facebook does not display all content posted by your friends on your news feed. It is based on your preferences and previous clicks to offer you the content likely to appeal to you. The social network has launched a feature to regain control of your wire news in mobile application.

The algorithm of Facebook offers continuously new statutes, Ticket friends, or pages you like. Unfortunately this system is improved, and very often miss the publications of a friend or a page, causing some irritation among users. Today, the social network is deploying a new feature on its application iOS and Android. She can choose to highlight the publications of some friends or pages. They will always be displayed on top of your news feed.

Updated Controls for Facebook News Feed from on Vimeo.

To access this new feature, simply launch the Facebook app on your smartphone then you go into the “preferences newsfeed”. There, several choices are available: the ability to choose which display first, sort the people you follow, and see the people you are no longer following. Simply select a contact, and a small blue star will appear on your choice.

It is unfortunate that the functionality is not available on the web version of Facebook. In any case, this innovation is a significant change for the social network, as it provides a little more customization to its users.