Facebook launches Save, a favorites backup feature

Facebook has begun deploying a new feature, called Save or “Save”, which allows to store a link, a statement or a place seen in the news stream for future access.

Facebook would he reinvented the good old bookmark? The social network has introduced a new feature called Save – or “Save” in French – modeled on favorites as used within a web browser or dedicated service. The principle is therefore to pin a connection, statement, or multimedia content that we saw in his Facebook Timeline, so you can find it later effortlessly. This function is currently being deployed on the web version of Facebook, as well as its mobile application iOS and Android.

To save an item, simply open the context menu associated with this publication in the news feed, then select Save. All the favorites thus created is then rapidly accessible via the left column on the web version or through the context menu on mobile applications. The list thus formed is private (only the user sees) but social network forces, backed elements are likely to be shared afterwards.

The Save function will no doubt find its audience: because the algorithms that govern the appearance of items in the news feeds of Facebook, it is not always easy today to find published content or shared few hours earlier by a third party. In doing so, the social network will also improve its knowledge of the tastes and user interests, which will, no doubt, its advertising targeting tools.

Facebook pages, related for example to a brand or a media, do not show the moment of statistical function to determine how many times a link or item would have been saved by users.

Edited on 07/22/2014 at 09:39

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