Facebook Messenger opens to small payments between friends

Facebook is preparing the deployment of a function to transfer money to their contacts via Instant Messenger, Facebook Messenger.

“It’s easy and free,” says Facebook. The social network announced Monday the forthcoming establishment of a money transfer service between relatives within its Facebook Messenger app, available in the US initially. To use, simply select a contact, and the icon of a dollar in the conversation area. From there, the mobile user will simply enter the amount and confirm its sending to the recipient to be credited with the amount. Only prerequisite: the two parties to the transaction must enter a US credit card number.

“The money you send is transferred instantly. A period of one to three days may be necessary for the money to be available vary depending on your bank, like any other deposit, “says Facebook. The amounts exchanged thus transiteraient a very short time by the service.

Compatible with Touch ID, the fingerprint reader for the iPhone, this payment function takes advantage of connection approvals in place by Facebook to protect access to the user’s account from a new device. The network says unsurprisingly have put safety at the forefront of its concerns. We use secure systems that encrypt the connection between you and Facebook as well as the information related to your card when you ask us to retain them, he says, for example. Employees payment systems meet the highest standards in the industry, and would also be “kept in a secure environment separate from other parts of the Facebook network,” while being monitored by a team of specialists in the fight against fraud.

Sending money between friends will be implemented in the coming months in the United States, via the Android and iOS mobile apps and on the web (desktop). Prospective ceilings set up have so far not been specified.

Small payments between friends

Aim for Facebook? Strengthen adherence around Messenger and encourage broader usage, allowing users to realize there most of their interactions. We became aware of all these conversations that had to go elsewhere to conclude. You had to go on another platform to pay for good another person, shows Steve Davis, product manager at Facebook, with Recode.

This brick of sending money is in preparation for months. It was discovered by chance in the code of the Messenger application last September, a few months after Facebook had made an application for approval for a money service with the Irish central bank.

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Edited on 05/12/2016 at 10:10

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