Facebook offers looking for friends geolocated mobile

Discreetly, Facebook has put in place a new feature on its mobile applications and web version. Friendshake named, it can detect people with a Facebook account to close to the user, so that the latter can integrate easily to their friends list. A service used by permission of the members of the social network.

This new feature is currently in test phase, said the social network at several sites, including CNET. If it has not been specifically implemented in Android and iOS apps, some users of these can activate it as an app within Facebook – via “Games and Applications” – so as to see people in their immediate circle who have an account on the site and have activated the function.

More specifically, a link provides access to this proximity search page from a mobile web browser: simply enter the http://fb.com/ffn page to test the service. It goes well aware that Friendshake is not particularly intrusive, since it is intended to display only people who have activated the app, or are present on the Web page along with other users.

The aim, according to its developer Ryan Patterson, facilitate the handshake at parties or events bringing together many people. “I built” Find Friends Nearby “with another engineer during a hackathon. “He explains. “Although it was originally called” Friendshake, “we’ll call” Find Friends Nearby ‘for launch. “No official launch date was given, but the curious can already test this service through the mobile version.

Edited on 11/07/2012 at 16:28

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