Facebook removes the feeling of “Big” in the publication of the statutes

Having drawn the ire of an association fighting against “fat-shaming” Facebook decided to remove “Big” feelings that it was possible to associate with the publication of a status.

You can not feel “Big” by posting a Facebook status. The term, which appeared previously in the list of feelings on the website, just disappeared following an awareness campaign by the association Endangered Bodies (Bodies in danger). Led by activist Catherine Weingarten, the campaign resulted in the establishment of a petition which received more than 16 000 signatures, and pushed Facebook to respond.

The term “Big” was accompanied by a smiley double chin that was not the taste of Catherine Weingarten. “I guess it was meant to be funny, but it made me quite angry,” she says, adding that “Big is not a feeling.” Believing that Facebook was pushing the “fat-shaming ‘, that is to say discrimination against overweight people, mockery targets, it has called for the deletion of this term with the social network.

“We listened to our community about the presence of feeling” Big “in the status update module, and that it could reinforce the negative image of the body, especially for people affected by disorders power, “said a spokesman. “We will withdraw wholesale from the list of options. ”

Suppression already visibly effective, since the word no longer appears on the French version of the social network.

Edited on 03/11/2015 at 18:28

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