Facebook soon edition of the statutes?

After editing comments, Facebook may soon propose the amendment of the articles after their publications. This is at least what suggests the recent statements by Vadim Lavrusik, one of the community leaders of the social network.

This was during a press conference held late last week in Las Vegas Vadim Lavrusik explained that “On Facebook, you can edit captions and edit comments. You can imagine what we plan for the future. “The deduction is rather obvious, especially as Lavrusik has not stopped there and implied that the ability to amend the articles was part of the most requested by users of social networking features, making it reason enough for the site to study this possibility.

Without a clear statement that this feature soon happen on Facebook, Vadim Lavrusik has said enough that many take this evocation to a concrete reality. Quickly, the social network has responded through a spokesman, who said that if the edition retrospective statutes was indeed “something (Facebook) could consider in the future,” the site has, for the moment, “nothing to announce” in this sense.

However, the declaration of Vadim Lavrusik rather proves logical, after the establishment of a long-term feedback editing system. Currently, only the date of the statutes can be modified to possibly reorganize the events in the timeline. In all cases, the changes are clearly indicated, for more transparency and to avoid confusion.

Edited on 06/08/2012 at 24:02

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