FAQ Windows 8 update, price, versions and compatibility

Last update of this FAQ: November 9, 2012.

The arrival of a new operating system still raises many questions. That of Windows 8 in the fall of 2012 is no exception to the rule and we have selected for you some answers that complement our roundup of things to know about Windows 8 and daily news on the next OS Microsoft.

What versions of Windows can I upgrade? All versions of Windows XP through Vista and Windows 7 will be eligible for the update.

How much will cost an update? All computers with Windows XP, Vista or Seven (Starter, Basic, Premium, Pro, Ultimate) will have the opportunity to benefit from a special rate of updated set at 29.99 euros for download release. For users wishing to obtain a DVD, ie an updated version box, it will add 30 euros, or 59.99 euros.

People who bought a computer with Windows 7 from June 2, 2012 will have access to Windows 8 and costs 14.99 euros. They can register on the site Windowsupgradeoffer now to save their order.

Both promotions will be valid until January 31, 2013 and provide access to Windows 8 Professional version.

When will it be possible to control the Windows 8 update? The update to Windows 8 will be available along with the final version of the operating system, or October 26, 2012.

What version of Windows 8 Choose? If you order an update as part of promotions described above, you will get Windows 8 Pro versions. This version is required for Pro versions and full or Ultimate. It is possible that other release are available, excluding promotions, starting from October 26.

This Pro version will give access to advanced features generally unnecessary in the context of personal use (advanced networking and security features …) but offer the opportunity to later download Windows Media Center not included in Windows 8.

Enterprise versions distributed to professionals through forward buying in large numbers can be updated only to Windows 8 Enterprise. This does not fit in the promotion. The RT versions will be distributed only pre-installed on devices (tablets), it will not be possible to buy the download version or box.

Can I install the offer upgrade 15 euros on another computer? Customers benefiting from promotion to 14.99 euros with a PC purchased after June 2 and has Windows 7 will not have to install it on the same computer. However, it will be the selected PC equipped with the eligible for the update system (XP, Vista or Seven).

In what form is offered the update? Except for DVD versions, written to a disk, the updated versions will be available through downloads. It will be possible to launch the update from the download file on a Windows system running, or creating a USB key or an installation DVD.

What are the system requirements? If your computer is already running Windows 7, it should be compatible with Windows 8. The minimum configuration for testing pre-release versions of Windows 8 demand a 1Ghz processor, 1GB of RAM (or 2GB for 64-bit versions) , disk space of 16GB (or 20GB for 64-bit) graphics card and Microsoft DirectX 9 compatible.

Other items are not blocking but can limit access to certain features. The screen resolution should be at least 1024×768 pixels to access the Windows Store and 1366×768 to anchor application windows (SNAP function).

Is my computer compatible with? If in doubt about the compatibility of your computer, you can download the installation of the Release Preview file. A compatibility wizard will run before installation. With the report you can seek advice in Windows 8 forums if in doubt about a detected problem.

When purchasing the upgrade wizard will run before the deed of purchase to verify compatibility and eligibility of your system.

My programs and peripheral-compatible? The installation wizard also provides details on the installed programs. For other devices or programs or for double checking Microsoft offers an accessible online compatibility center with many references. See the Windows 8 Compatibility Center (in English).

Will I keep my data and programs during the update? It depends on your version of Windows. Since Windows XP only accounts and files will be saved. Since Windows Vista Windows settings will also be retained. Since Windows 7, accounts, Windows settings, personal files and even programs will remain.

Can I update my Release Preview to the final? If the procedure accepts the update, it will place the files in a folder “Windows.old” to the root of the C: drive that will contain all the old files from your previous installation, which is to get a new installation of Windows 8 .

Another interesting information pointed to by one of our readers in the comments, a Microsoft employee says in its responses to the reactions of the official announcement on the blog that Microsoft will be able to benefit from the promotion with a computer using only the Release preview. However, it will have a Windows license valid, even if it is not installed.

The Family Pack 3 Windows 7 licenses is it eligible?

Each of the family pack licenses of Windows 7 will be eligible for a Windows update 8 as if it were a single license, or 29.99 euros per computer.

He will be formatting can to do a clean install?

According to initial findings, with this updated version of Windows 8, it is possible to install on a completely blank disc but a full format is also available during the installation process. It is not mandatory to first install an older version of Windows XP, Vista, Seven or Windows 8 RP before starting the process. Only the first act of purchase by Microsoft wizard requires a valid Windows installation.

Can I update a version of Windows 32-bit to 64-bit? No, the reverse is not possible. It will in this case completely install Windows 8, which is equivalent to formatting and obviously does not keep your files. In addition, the upgrade offer to 30 euros proposed by Microsoft only lets you download the same version of the computer used when purchasing. So if your system is a 32 bit, the recovered version is Windows 8 Pro 32-bit. Conversely, both 32 and 64 bit drives are supplied in versions updates “box” sold commercially.

Do I need a Microsoft account to update Windows 8? A Microsoft account is not required for installation (see the tutorial). It is possible to transform a local account on Microsoft account secondly: How to move to a Microsoft account in Windows 8

How to prepare my PC to update? If you use Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus, Microsoft recommends that you uninstall it before proceeding with the update. This will be replaced by Windows Defender, which in Windows 8 now includes antivirus.

The update of an operating system is a delicate operation. We recommend that you back up all personal files such as photos, video and other important documents. In all cases, even in normal times, it is strongly recommended to regularly backup their personal data.

Feel free to use the comments area to complete the Windows 8 FAQ or ask for explanations about the answers. For technical questions or more detailed explanations, enthusiasts and experts will answer you on our Windows 8 forum.

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