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It is now the home straight before Father’s Day. To help you find the perfect gift to spoil your dad (or yourself), here are various guides produced by our editorial staff. Smartphones, tablets, connected watches, accessories of all kinds: you will find the best products of the year, we have unearthed for you. Note: File updated June 16, 2016.

What (s) smartphone (s) offer?

Gifts headlights of an era where even the youngest are equipped smartphones often are a prized gift for young and old alike. The key question is obviously due to the sinews of war: the price. So we selected the most compelling phones in every price range: less than 100, 200, and 300 euros in the premium segment, slightly more expensive.

Smartphones at low prices, but we still recommend

At this price, do not face it, there is no question of displays of rare finesse or performance for rotating the most impressive games of the moment. However, there are solid devices, reliable and above all complete, some of whom are even compatible with 4G. What content budget, equip younger or make an emergency smartphone. In this game are, notably the Motorola Moto E first generation, unpretentious, but especially without big flaw.

What smartphone to choose less than 100 euros?

If you have a little more budget, here are those with less than 200 euros

A hundred more euros or a little less, and now the situation changes completely everything. Point yet qHD screens or type of processor Snapdragon 810, but less than 200 euros, the market early 2016, and even 2015, provides smartphone could not be more suitable. Include a device that has yet managed to convince us, the Honor 5X a 5.5-inch device, as soon Marshmallow, whose Snapdragon 616 has convinced us.

What smartphone offer less than 200 euros?

contentment level bankers, less than 300 euros

This is certainly the most represented category of the year, offering a choice to the bloated undecided. And now includes fine screens, performance worthy of the name, finishes sometimes using noble materials (metal) and, for some, formerly reserved sensors upscale. In this game, the Honor 7 was certainly one of the best surprises of last year, followed closely by the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. More recently, the Oppo F1 knew we touch, as well as the Lenovo G4 Moto Plus.

Less than 300 euros, our selection of smartphones

If you have the means, here are the best smartphones

We do not design. If your budget allows and you want a phone that is both beautiful, powerful and with a quality camera, some models are invaluable. Obviously we think the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge of Samsung, but the Nexus 6P designed by Huawei in partnership with Google, which has proved particularly compelling. Around 400 euros, is now easily find the Galaxy S6 dating back to last year, and that can be a very good deal.

What premium smartphone choose?

And finally, how about a tablet?

The year 2015 is far from being that of tablets, and early 2016 is not much brighter. Between a segment “small formats” disappearing and a lower turnover rate for the slates that these smartphones, the market is worth. Yet few nuggets have punctuated the year, price declines affecting tablets dating from last year are excellent deals. What equip at lower prices, especially for gamers: Nvidia Shield Tablet K1, slightly modified version of the Shield Tablet has excellent performance for 200 euros. A very good option.

9 Android tablets offer

Which tablet choose to effectively take notes?

Accessories for everyone and for every budget

A desire for shows connected? There is the choice in 2015

It begins with the stars of the moment, it is available in an increasing number of manufacturers and rates now variables. Connected watches under Android Wear or not (since Tizen is ambushed) now feature various designs and try not to let women account for – with more or less success. The Gear S2 of Samsung account as well, with its rotating ring located around the screen, among the best surprises of the year, as the Huawei Watch (under Android Wear), with almost luxurious aspects.

7 connected to watches (s’) offer

connected bracelets, for all uses

A little more simple, and rather for sports, connected bracelets are also gift ideas to remember. They are accessible for some very cheap, often design and some have the good taste to display a very long battery life, thanks to the use of batteries buttons. Battery however, the Xiaomi Mi Band, now assisted by a Mi Band Pulse with a re heart rate sensor, is undoubtedly the best value for money of the moment. The Mi Band 2, with its screen, just beginning to show, as the Samsung Gear FIT2.

7 trackers activities to offer

Objects connected to your grandparents

Your entourage will not only account young athletes? We have found for you a few accessories, connected necessarily to provide seniors who are dear to you.

5 high-tech gifts for your relatives connected

cheap accessories …

Because it is not always possible to offer expensive gifts to all, and the small gifts are sometimes the most popular, accessories and other gadgets related to mobility can make great ideas to offer. Shop Google / Android derivatives including full of finds, but there are many others.

20 ideas for high-tech gifts for under 50 euros

… Or without limits

If, conversely, you shrink from nothing, Ulrich has established its perfect gift list. All is not available, all is not available … But the ideas are there!

33 tech products “badass”

Need a wireless connection? Here is our recommendation to mobile routers!

A little geeky, but very useful, routers can (yes!) Fill savvy technophiles. And in this area, not easy to navigate: this guide will allow you to see more clearly.

5 solutions for mobile routers we recommend eyes closed

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