Feedly now accessible from any browser, without extension

Feedly announced yesterday that its service was finally accessible from any Internet browser without extension.

A standalone web version

Feedly has announced on his blog the availability of a stand-alone web version of its RSS reader. The service becomes accessible from Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera, in addition to Chrome and Firefox.

So far the popular RSS feed reader Feedly was actually accessed from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, as it required a specific extension, running on the computer of the user.

The new web interface is accessible from cloud.feedly.com.

complete migration

In this regard, the ticket blog also announced that “Feedly Cloud” is now accessible to all. The service began to migrate users of the platform Google Reader to its own platform it a week ago, adopting the API v16 on its iPhone application.

Meanwhile the Android app and the web version, renewed for the occasion, have also adopted the latest API. When they first use with one of these new versions, users have been or are automatically migrated.

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Feedly itself as successor to Google Reader with its API