Feeling Skin: a connected and social case for iPhone, designed by French

First the iPhone, then the rest

Launched on April 2 on Kickstarter, the hull Skin Feeling fundraising campaign seeks to raise 40 thousand dollars to start production of the model for iPhone 5 / 5S. 15% of the sum were collected during the first 6 days.

“We set the bar high, but we are optimistic,” explains Rémy Koné, CEO of Twelve Monkeys Company. “The market for accessories for smartphones is totally crazy and open. If ever we touch our target, it can really take off. ”

The ambition of the Parisian start-up does not stop the iPhone 5 / 5S, but the need to rely on a typical product design was essential to start. “We are currently working on the design of the Galaxy S5” explains Rémy Koné. “The key for us was to focus on the latest model of a strong smartphone range,” hence the choice of iPhone 5 / 5S to start, he added.

The message of Twelve Monkeys is rather clear: we must start somewhere. Like many other companies who embark on the adventure of crowdfunding, the campaign to determine the public interest for such a product, which brings its creators as “something new to the market of smartphone accessories. “If the campaign exceeded its target, other models for other terminals, should be quickly put into production. It is probably on this condition that the Community dimension of this shell connected can take flight. Meanwhile, the owners of the latest generation iPhone may finance the project until 1 June: it currently takes 59 dollars (43 euros) including postage for a backer shell Skin Feeling.

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