File: Applications to have in case of loss or theft of your smartphone

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Android Device Manager

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Here is a detailed list of applications to have in case of loss or theft of your smartphone or tablet. The top 10 of that will help you regain your lost device.

stolen or lost smartphone? think of you. Today we present you a variety of applications to have on your device in case of theft of loss of your smartphone or tablet. A list of 10 best applications on the Play Store (we think) to help you trace your device and return later. Be aware that it may be dangerous to go in search of the thief yourself. Prudence would that ye the information the authorities would possibly need and that you are filing them so they can do their job and you get your precious. Note that the applications in this folder include solutions to individuals and professionals. You now to choose the application that suits best to your needs. And remember: prevention is better than cure.


Here is heavy, very heavy. Cerberus is a complete anti-theft application. His only motto is to help you regain your Android smartphone forgotten, lost or stolen. This is a valid trial for a week but you can buy a usable lifetime license for 2.99 euros and peace of mind. The advantage also is the binding of the license Cerberus account, not the phone, which means you can have multiple phones (up to 5) with the same Cerberus account.

Specifically, you can with Cerberus

Remotely control your smartphone from website

Check the SMS phone remotely

Check the SIM card (for smartphone using a SIM card, not CDMA) you will automatically receive alerts if someone uses your smartphone with an unauthorized SIM card.

The remote control can perform various operations on your smartphone

Locate and track distance

Start a very loud alarm even if the smartphone is in silent mode

Clear the internal memory and SD card

Hide Cerberus from the list of applications

Lock your smartphone with a code

Record from the microphone smartphone

List the outgoing and incoming calls

Getting information about the network and the operator used by smartphone

Cerberus is also able to remotely activate the GPS (Android 2.3) and armed himself against a possible uninstallation if ever the application were to be discovered by the perpetrator (even when the smartphone is ROOTE).

The application works even if you do not have an Internet connection. Through checking the SIM card, you can discover the newly installed SIM card number (yes, it hurts) and thus send SMS commands. The list of messages received and sent by Cerberus does not appear in the smartphone SMS management software.

The application starts when there is a remote control application and then stops. Any concerns regarding intensive use of the battery. It is accessible on the web via this link.

Cerberus is a free application for one week. It will cost you 2.99 euros for a lifetime license. It weighs 1.2 MB and takes advantage of regular updates (most recently on July 11). The application experienced certain problems of overcrowded servers but has since corrected this complication. It has a score of 4.5 on the Play Store.

theft Cerberus



Android Device Manager

This is not an application but a Google service. The Mountain View giant, which offers more and more services related to each other, has launched Android Device Manager, a tool that lets you locate your smartphone if lost, forgotten or stolen. With simple operation on your smartphone or tablet (from Android 2.2), you can access the dedicated website and locate your device on Google Maps in no time. It is also possible to make it sound for 5 minutes to find him at home or annoy the villain villain.

To use the service, it will enable your smartphone in Settings> Security> Administrators of the device> Android Device Manager. The service is young, since it is just available, and should improve very quickly. A test now, however, since it is free and very simple to activate.

Where’s My Droid

According to the creators of the application, it is the first software (or notoriety chronologically, we know nothing) to regain its Android smartphone on the Play Store.

Like the other dedicated applications, Where’s My Droid lets you turn the ringer on the smartphone to its maximum volume. The application also provides an opportunity for the user to retrieve GPS data via the link with Google Maps, in case of theft or if the smartphone is not close to being able to hear the ringtone. It is also possible to send an SMS to prevent the person who has your device that you can find.

With Where’s My Droid can

Find your smartphone by making it ring or vibrate

Find the terminal with GPS coordinates

Send an SMS to your smartphone holder

Secure your device with a PIN to prevent unauthorized

Receive notification on change of SIM or phone number

Stealth mode hides the SMS received by displaying a word of caution

Configure white lists and black lists to control who can use the application

The application is also available in paid version and allows you to perform the following tasks in addition to those mentioned above above

Taking pictures with the camera

Lock the phone remotely

Erase SD card remotely

Clear data on remote smartphone

Use a landline to activate the application

Customize the alert tone (with voice especially) if the loss smartphone

Warning, if you have antivirus on your device, it may be that this application identifies Where’s My Droid as malware. The last update of the application corrects this problem.

The application runs on Android 2.2 smartphones and later. It weighs 650 KB, where the interface a bit “cheap”. It will cost 3.99 dollars (2.99 euros) if you opt for the pro version. She also enjoys the highest rating (4.6 / 5) from the set of applications that we present today. Comments are generally good except for some users who are unable to properly configure the application.

Wheres My Droid

Alienman Technologies LLC


Droid Finder

This is a complete toolkit to lock their smartphone and get it back then. Applications decidedly all use the same model are: prevent theft, locate the camera and take pictures of. Droid Finder is no exception to the rule and offers all these features in a single application, which again is free.

Doid Finder therefore provides the following features in detail

In anti-theft portion, it is possible to

Prevent unwanted intrusions

Register intrusion attempts on the smartphone by an unauthorized person by blocking the phone, sending an SMS or an email with a picture of the person who has the device in his hands.

Search Wi-Fi connections and other important information (such as names of particular connections)

Detection and SIM change notification

Smartphone Location

Locate the device on Google Maps

“Smart Recognizing Activity”: whether the smartphone thief in a vehicle, u