FileMaker FileMaker Pro 6.0: Test and Review

FileMaker Pro 6.0 stores, retrieves, organizes and analyzes all kinds of data, whether it is a basic track invoices or basic management of a collection of videos, for example. This database software to manage large amounts of information, but also to share data quickly with other applications. It has a pleasant and simple interface. Sufficiently easy to handle for beginners, it also integrates advanced functions that will satisfy the experts.

The installation procedure of FileMaker Pro 6.0 is relatively simple. She is very classic, with one exception: the activation of the product does not takes place thanks to the code on the box but with the information found in a booklet of two pages. Even novice database management systems include the FileMaker intuitive interface. The program menus are similar to those of the Word interface (File, Edit, View, Insert, etc.), if not a Scripts menu replaces the Tools menu, and orders that it are disaggregated in the other menus. For example, the security is in the File menu> Access Privileges. It is unfortunately not possible to customize the buttons on the toolbar, as with Microsoft Access.

Over twenty models available

The creation of a database can be done with the help of a wizard that guides the user through the procedure. The latter involves mainly to name and define fields in a dialog box or enter data directly into a pre-configured model. The software contains about two dozen of these models specially designed for different tasks (family medical follow-minute billing or management of contacts, for example). Such models are also available in Access. Filemaker can import a large number of files in a variety of formats from applications such as Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, HTML, or text files separated by commas or tabs.

The conventional tasks like sorting records and importing files are no problem. The Records submenu / Sort allows, with a simple right click to sort by field or alphabetically all records. Similarly, the software perfectly performs more complex automated operations, such as sending email from a data file or launch the browser from the database. The ScriptMaker feature allows creating scripts easily using English commands, such as “Go to next field”, “Show All Records” and “Send Mail”. It is thus possible to obtain sophisticated results much faster than learning Visual Basic Access. From the perspective of ease of use, FileMaker Pro 6.0 far surpasses Access.

Of all the new features added in this version 6.0, the most important is undoubtedly compatible with XML (eXtensible Markup Language). XML templates FileMaker 6.0 allow him quickly to import and export data to and from a wide range of document formats, including spreadsheets with Excel 2002.

Overall, FileMaker Pro 6.0 provides the power for professionals, while remaining easy to use, making it an excellent database management software for both beginners and experts.