Final Fantasy VII is finally available on Android!

Almost a year after iOS, Final Fantasy VII has finally arrived on Android smartphones. Japanese RPG cult Squaresoft however has a price Therefore: almost 16 euros intend to play this legend of the first PlayStation.

We will not insult you explain what Final Fantasy VII. For many, it is often the first contact with a real set of Japanese role. For others it is also one of the biggest slaps graphics encountered in the life of a player. Everyone remembers this fantastic opening scene introducing both the city of Midgard and the enigmatic character Clad or cloud in the original version.

For this version of Android, Square Enix has not really walked. This is a simple port of the PlayStation 1 version, with large blue stripes on the sides to simulate a 4/3 screen, old. It should be noted that the game has a French translation (the same as the pitiful French translation of the PSOne version) and very convincing touch controls. An option to disable the random battles is also available at the bottom of the screen.

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Note finally that the game is greedy and demand 2GB of free space on the internal memory of the phone. The game is also compatible with many smartphones (Square Enix has released a recommended phone list at this address) and runs like a charm on my OnePlus One. Remains that there is a big flaw: the game is currently sold 15.99 euros. It’s expensive, too expensive for a game that approach 20 years and we advise you to wait for a wave of construction – they arrive regularly – to crack.



€ 15.99