Five addictive games to discover on Android

While some games we know how to put in quite indescribable states, we are able to bind the parties tirelessly to achieve our goal. We offer you a small list of games that will make you want to throw your phone against the walls: planning a protective cover and leave to the discovery of some of the most addictive games in the Play Store!

The impossible game

Certainly the game I spent the most time … and rage too. The principle is simple, you play as an orange cube that must jump over spikes and black squares. To blow this cube, you simply press the screen. Hold to blow it several times, but if you hit a peak or the side of a square, you must start over. Obviously, you’ll face a series of peaks (one, two or three), squares of estates and a multitude of other problems.

The decor may be upside down …

… Even with series of spades!

A training mode is available with a system of “Checkpoint” symbolized by flags that you can place wherever you like, with interest to finish the level without the flags …

Note the importance of music in this game. It adapts to the difficulties. Also, if your cube hits an obstacle, the game is restarted without asking your opinion.

The Impossible Game and pack levels (two separate applications) are available on Google Play for 0.70 euros each.

The Impossible Game


€ 0.70

The LP can not play


€ 0.70


system is changed for a score in game! You play this time a skier who does not fall. To help, you will trace its path with your finger.

The location of the flake is also your finger.

The basic principle of this game: the more your track is inclined more skiers take your speed and the higher the score will increase. You have to pass through doors that will earn you points depending on your score. If you come through the door in flight, a bonus point is awarded to you!

Some items like “tunnels” (a series of doors) will allow you to gain speed and to collect a lot of points.

Some difficulties will be added as and as your score increases. The “deadly” doors will kill you (RIP) if you cross them, and in some areas you can not trace track. To you be careful, especially when your speed is high!

You can try the game on your computer at this address, but the ergonomics and fluidity are much less great than on the phone.

Solipskier is available on the Play Store for the price of 2.17 euros.



€ 2.17

Defender II

Ah the famous Tower-defense, the principle is still the same and still clings much! For those who do not know, the principle of a TD (for Tower-defense) is simple: you have a base / HQ that must be protected in a wave of monsters of all kinds! You have a life bar that runs out as and when the monsters come knocking your castle, the blue bar represents the “mana” that allows you to cast spells to kill more monsters (a spell is more powerful an arrow drawn arc). At the end of each level you earn money and crystals that allow you to upgrade your weapon (with the money) or your spells (with crystals). Obviously, the more the levels go by, the difficulty increases. A “boss” takes all 10 levels and progressively, more powerful enemies appear. This game also has a multiplayer mode that promises the same rewards that a classic game, your opponent is chosen according to your win / loss online. Defender II is available on the Play Store, but it fits into the category of free-to-play. You will have (almost) must pay to advance in the game …

Defender II



15 corners

A small band catchy, an almost impossible goal, a huge “try again” button taunting you … Combine all that and you get 15 corners.

The goal is simple, you control a small triangle that must collect coins. For this, you must press the left of the screen to rotate left and right to turn right.

Where is the difficulty is that few seconds after the start, “clones” of your triangle follow the same path as you and if you hit one of them … the game ends.

The visible white square allows you to temporarily freeze and destroy your clones

The goal is to collect 15 coins while avoiding to die on your clones. If you fail, a big button “try again” appears with your score and offers again.

15 corners is a free game available on the Play Store.

15 Coins

Engaging Games LLC


Drench Zyan

Under this strange name hides a game to say the least … especially.

Upon installing the app, you can select multiple game modes.

The game principle is: when you start a game, the game comes in the form of a square divided into smaller squares of different colors.

You must then choose a color knowing that

your starting square is the one at the top left

the fact of choosing a color will have the effect of absorbing the adjacent squares with that color (see screenshot below, with the choice of color, blue)

Sounds complicated like that, but once a part of, it’s easy! Player 2, he will be faced with the same situation, but going from the bottom right corner. The game is played turn-and the one that has the most surface to the end of the game wins!

Zyan Drench is free on the Play Store and weighs only a few kilobytes!

Drench Zyan