Five ultraportables to the test

More autonomous, more complete, laptops have nothing to envy to desktop machines. CD or DVD, USB 2.0, Firewire, 3D card, 40GB or 80GB, they have everything to themselves as real alternatives to the towering boxes that sit in our offices. So much so that manufacturers seem to forget that laptops are designed to be transported!

However, there remain truly portable PC. These machines weigh less than 2 kg and 1.4 kg for even the slightest of our selection, the VAIO PCG-TR1MP. Reaching this weight involves some sacrifices consent. And often lightness rhymes with small battery, so with limited autonomy. This last criterion is monitored. No need to have a PC that takes over if not for having two small hours of freedom.

Then, other factors can come into play. If do without a floppy drive is not a horrible deprivation, you better think twice before opting for a model in recorder or CD player, like the HP TC1100.

However, mobility requires no concerns on the part of network capacity. All models feature the traditional RJ45 Ethernet jacks in addition to a Wi-Fi card. No problem to connect to different networks, in a hotel, in the office, in a restaurant, 802.11b, yet rigorous, is master key. Some models will even pay the luxury of increasingly integrated Bluetooth technology for connecting to a mobile phone or PDA.

The great game of novelty, the HP TC1100 easily spell out of the game, with its tablet PC format with removable keyboard, which allows multiple uses.

The selection eLaptopComputer

Dell Latitude X300

The successor to the Latitude X200 is a laptop with the Centrino technology. Very good…

81 stars

Test performed 19/09/2003

Asus S1N

To achieve this design PC family of ultraportables, Asus has chosen to relegate …

74 stars

Test performed on 22/09/2003


This PC Vaio range of truly deserves to be called portable. Small, lightweight, compliant …

82 stars

Test performed on 31/10/2003

HP Compaq Tablet PC TC1100

For its new range of notebooks to tablet size, HP has taken the best of these products …

77 stars

Test performed on 18/11/2003

IBM ThinkPad X31

This laptop Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready for wireless

88 stars

Test performed on 29/12/2003