Flash Player: Jetpack Dolphin Browser and are also compatible on KitKat

As many of you already know, the arrival of Android 4.4 has cut the compatibility of certain applications, including Flash Player. Fortunately, the little guys in the community do not hesitate to put the hands-on we offer workarounds with Photon. And today, with Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Jetpack.

After installing the modified version of Adobe Flash Player, you will be possible to enjoy the plugin on Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Jetpack, in addition to the optimized version of Photon is natively compatible with it. For now, it seems that no other browser to take this compatibility, although it is not excluded that several others come enlarge the list in the near future.

To benefit, here are the instructions for installing it on KitKat

First, install the modified version of Flash Player

Once installed, download Dolphin Browser or Dolphin Jetpack

And now, run the browser you have installed and try!